to Newmarket Equine Hospital

NEH is a world renowned specialist veterinary centre providing first opinion and referral services for horses throughout the UK, Europe and internationally.

NEH Equine Practice offers a high quality and personalised first opinion service to owners, trainers and breeders. As well as having a well established association with the racing and breeding industries in and around Newmarket, within the team we have vets with extensive experience focusing in other disciplines, including sports and leisure horses, and endurance. – Providing a comprehensive service across the region.

NEH Referrals is an outstanding resource for veterinary surgeons wishing to refer cases that require specialist expertise or facilities. Our referral service covers a range of disciplines, led by RCVS and European recognised Veterinary Specialists with a wealth of clinical experience.

The hospital is a purpose built state-of-the- art facility, with RCVS accreditation as a Tier Three Specialist Equine Hospital. It was purpose-built in 2008 and is the largest in Europe.



Latest news

NEHreferrals is now offering the Oncept Melanoma Vaccine

Vaccination against melanoma is a new approach to treatment. NEH medicine consultant Rosie Naylor explains the vaccination in this new article.

NEH CPD - Keeping the Racehorse Racing

NEH is pleased to announce this racehorse CPD meeting scheduled for Tuesday 22nd March 2016...

Racehorse Vet Required

NEH has a vacancy for a racehorse vet to join the ambulatory team